How Royal Gem Apparel Rocks...

We appreciate you tapping in with Royal Gem Apparel. Our motto is: "Rocking our Royalty, Proudly." We subscribe to the standard that the foundation of Mainstream Coolness is "American Black-ness." Our style, our history, our language, our struggle, our culture- positions us as Royalty, & Everyone who reps the Culture should identify with its Royalty; our/their Royalty.

We're offering High-Quality, Custom Designed T-Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Hats, and fashionable Accessories that represents Black Culture, Urban Culture, and Hip-Hop Culture.

History of Royal Gem
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Representing the culture that raised us, and gave us something to have pride in; and what to share with others thru clothing, accessories, and more.

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Being a "Product of Black Love"

2023 is for "Standing on You." ! New Drops, Same Dope Culture to Rock.

"Defining the Culture" Tees

"Defining the Culture" Tees

We created "Droppin Gems" but what is the "Gem?" we're dropping? What... 

Culture Accessories

Culture Accessories

The origin of our heritage, the original language and symbols of our... 

  • Culture.

    Not just WHO, but WHAT raised you!?!

    Our entire history, particularly the 70s, 80's & 90s, has shaped how societal culture, specifically BLACK Culture, move nowadays & is everywhere. We're here to rep it fully.

    TV/Movie Tees 
  • Love.

    The malice in our history tried to break & destroy our families & love, but our determination and divine energy has kept us in the fight, for each other thus has birthed the biggest cultural revolution the world has witnessed.

    Prodct of BLK LVE Tees 
  • Pride.

    Our culture has DEFINED a whole society. our style, our words, our innovations are seen in all facets of everyday living, and it's ours. We'll proudly keep giving y'all this smoke, but ain't nothing free no more.

    Definition Tees