Our Story

"Behind Royal Gem"

Royal Gem Apparel exists to enable people of Black Culture plus those who were influenced by Black Culture to express, represent and celebrate the Culture that birthed and raised them thru clothing. The ability to step out of your home, to pull up a function or be vibin’ with your peoples and wear something that speaks to what you think about things, how you feel about yourself or life, or highlights things from your past and culture, things relevant to who you are and what makes you proud; that’s a unique ability that RG’s founders are thankful to bring to their people and their culture.

Rocking a mainstream, popular brand and logo is cool but sporting something that represents you and allows you to stand out in the crowd is just different. Preparing to travel and searching for something that is casual, comfortable AND has a message and speaks to your culture is the feeling the founders get when moving around and is establishing Royal Gem’s presence in the Culture to do the same for others.

"How We Started"

Though Royal Gem Apparel was founded in 2019, our history in the apparel world goes back to early 2000’s where image-based streetwear was making its way in the culture but was limited where positive, meaningful images were concerned. Something like, “Everybody was talking, but not really saying nothing.” We hit the street corners, barbershops and salons, events, gas stations and more with t-shirts dominated by images and words that represented the excellence, pride, history, and greatness of Black Culture. And while fashion and streetwear has evolved, our dedication to “Provide apparel and accessories that symbolize the unmatched, dope representation of Blackness; thru Black love, culture, and pride” hasn’t wavered and it is only getting stronger as y’all vibe and salute the Culture thru our apparel.


Our mission is to provide apparel that represents the dopest values of Black Culture; a celebration of history, love, and pride. Our wearable, Cultural expressive art is our way to support those of the culture who wish to display and celebrate the Culture while living their best life.

"Pieces of Us"


Not just who, but what raised you?! Our entire history, but particularly the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90s has shaped how societal culture specifically Black Culture, moves nowadays and is everywhere. We’re here to rep it fully.



The malice in our history tried to break and destroy our families and love, but our determination and divine energy has kept us in the fight for each other thus has birthed the biggest cultural revolution the world has witnessed.



Our culture has defined a whole society. Our style, our words, our history, our innovations are seen in all facets of everyday living, and it’s ours. We’ll proudly keep giving y’all this smoke, but ain’t nothing free no more.