Our Timeless Origins

Royal Gem Apparel was established in 2018 to create clothing options 

that represent the un-matched

value of black culture, & have it accessible on both local 

& national platforms.


When shopping, we not only want our clothes to be comfortable

& of great quality, but often, we want clothing representing us,

designed & created with us in mind.

Royal Gem Apparel recognizes the excellence that exists in

people; in a culture. The way we grew up. The affirmations

that pushed the struggling thru the darkness to better days.

The style that rolled around skating rinks, that pride that

lined community sidewalks on weekends. The conversations

inside the salons, barbershops, & restaurants,

& on corners, speaking our language.

We come for regal beginnings. Royal Gem is here to keep that

long line of dopeness alive.