COVID-19 Response

During this time of an international pandemic, all families, public sector and small businesses are having to re-evaluate what's really important. Our values, our morals, our health are being re-prioritized as most important when other things become unavailable. We at Royal Gem Apparel, value the lives, health and time of all of our supporters. While in-person retail opportunities have been stopped for a period of time to adhere to social distancing guidelines to make sure our client's health as well as ours is preserved, online shopping is here and strong. We are continuing to provide high-quality, cultured products with new products being introduced every Friday.

As you are choosing Royal Gem to expand your culture clothing and accessories, we ask that you have patience in terms of our updated SHIPPING times. 

We have a standard 7-10 day U.S time. As printing companies, distribution, and shipping companies take precautions to ensure safety for all. Because of this, shipping for all items within North America could take an additional 7-14 days to arrive.

If and when you have any questions regarding the shipping times and arrival of your products, don't hesitate to reach out to us at:

Please allow 24 hours for email response times due to increased volume of emails. 

As always, we appreciate your interest and support of Royal Gem Apparel!

The Royal Gem Apparel family