Black Royalty 365 History Tees

"The Legacy Continues" Tees. 
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What would our ancestors say if they were here today? 
We've taken a creative, fictional yet fun and deep look at the legacies of some our greatest, influential figures and asked ourselves, and you... How would they carry it  in the 21st century? Considering their bodies of work, and the parts of their spirits that we are blessed and gracious to experience, the following quotes from:

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Assata Shakur
Malcolm X
Angela Davis
Reginald Lewis
Madam CJ Walker and More...

are sure to connect with your spirits, minds and hearts as you get the chance to show society what they still stand for, in today's time and language. 

Happy Black History Month and Year- Black History, Black Royalty 365!